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Before you book... Have fun thinking about where you'd like to do the session and what you imagine printing for your wall. I'd love for you to make it meaningful & personal. If you need suggestions around Fresno I can name my favorite places to best suit the season but please keep in mind I love to work on new locations and make your photos unique to your family! Have fun with your style whether it's a grundgy old alley or random field, I love it all!

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I get my photos?

      -You will get your photos in a digital format. I will email or message you a link to your album and you can download all your images in the full, high quality format. You MUST download to a computer. If for any reason you are unable to use this option, please let me know and I am happy to make a CD or USB for you. 


How do I book a session? 

     -You can simply send me an Email or call. (559) 269-3718 or October-December is my busiest time. Don't hesitate to book in advance to secure your spot. 


What if I need to cancel?

     -If for any reason you need to postpone your appointment, a minimum 48 hour notice is required to apply your deposit towards another session. If weather conditions require us to reschedule your session, the deposit is not refundable but transferable to the soonest possible date available.


How long does it take to get my pictures back? 

     - I know how excited you are to see them, and will do my best to get them back as quick as possible. A regular session will be edited within 2-3 weeks. In the busy seasons I would plan for 3 weeks for cards, gifts, ect to be safe on time! 


Do I get every picture taken that day?

     When sorting through any session I filter the best images from the rest. I do not release any images that do not meet my standard. [Blur, Blinks, Exposure failures, duplicates...ect.] 


Do you do photo edits, black & Whites etc? 

     -I love to have fun with post processing of portraits. You'll notice when you get your images that my favorite photos may have a variety of colors and edits. If you are sure that you do not personally like the back and white or other color variations please let me know ahead of time.


Can I take my images to a local lab to order prints? 

     -YES! Order as many prints as you want. Have fun with your photos! A local lab I highly recommend is Horn Photo located in the Riverpark shopping center.  There is no gurantee on print quality if you choose to take your photos to another lab. 









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